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Thursday, August 18, 2011


There's always so much blood. Exiting the basement Carl headed up the stairs. He needed a place to hide out for a while and Rico's wife (rest his soul) was kind enough to offer. He would clean up the mess in the basement later. Right now, he needed to wash up and change his clothes. He got the information he needed out of his contact but it wasn't easy. Not that he was complaining. If things were easy, he would be dead ten times over. His hand absently rubbed his chest before realizing what he was doing. Damn pain was back. Having an objective helped relieve the tightness, but whenever Carl had a minute to think - to feel... Hell, you don't have time for this, Carl.

Entering his room, he slammed the door closed behind him. He needed to keep his mind focused. He one step closer to his goal. One step closer to Esmeralda.

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