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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cold Turkey

He missed his Cairo deadline. Not a big deal, just didn't get paid. His two week desert detour waylaid his plans. Carl got his strength back but there was a deep ache in the middle of my chest. If he had anything left of his heart, he’d blame that. He was sure it would go away soon. Being back in the Tonga Islands had put him in touch with his contact for a new job. Carl was on his way to meet with him now. Unfortunately for him, Carl feel like being difficult.

A yellow cab dropped him off in the old industrial part of town. Most factories were now abandoned or run down. Looking across the street Carl saw a man leaning against a white van. His smile felt fake and a little feral as he made his way toward the man. At his approach he began to hear the light coo'ing coming from the van.
Damn, he was gonna do something stupid, he could feel it. Carl felt his body tense up, making his motions jerky when he reached for the clip board stretched out for him. Signing his name 'Fuck You', Carl quickly stabbed the pen into the guy's left thigh. The guy’s scream snapped the tenuous hold Carl had on his emotions. Pain exploded over his knuckles as the guy’s lifeless body hit the ground. Son of a bitch that hurt. Shaking out his hand Carl looked over the guy at my feet. Out cold.

The smell hit me in the face as soon as he opened the back of the van. Damn doves. Carl hoped sleeping beauty enjoyed the ride. Tossing him without a care, his body smashed several dove crates. Birds and feathers poured out the back. Tossing the clipboard on the guy's chest, Carl closed the doors. It was time to go someplace nice and quiet. This guy was gonna spill all his secrets before Carl was done with him.

In the game of connect-the-dots, you gotta start somewhere.

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