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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Am I Awake or Still Dreaming?

Something stinks... and damn, I think it's me.

Carl was laying on something hard and his eyes just didn’t want to open. Either that or they were open and he was dead. Shit, if he were dead it wouldn't feel like a two-ton flying elephant just crash landed on his head.

"You're awake?"

Was he? Hell if he knew, but that voice... It sounded familiar. Carl tried to open his eyes again and grunted in pain. A bowl was pressed against his lips and he instinctively opened his mouth. Cool liquid ran down his throat. More. He wanted more. His eyes strained to open as his salvation was taken from him.

"I will give you more later. Rest now."

Finally he managed to get his eyes open but the image was blurred. Shadows and light. Movement to his left had Carl turning his head only to have pain sear through his brain. He must have made an audible protest because that familiar voice came back.
"Do not move. Rest now." Her irritation clear.

A small image floated in front of him. Dark hair and chocolate eyes on a young girl's face. Carl don't know her. He wanted to ask questions. Find out who she was and where he was but he could feel his eyes growing heavy. Her last command to rest was whispered and distant as sleep took him.

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